Download Case StudyUtilizing the irms|WM as an inventory management solution, U.S. Toy has ensured its warehouses will be able to handle any demand, cut costs, and meet shipment deadlines on time. Integrated with RF and bar coding technology, the system ensures fast, accurate, and complete tracking for each and every inbound and outbound delivery, with lot control and kitting as standard features, as well as serialization, allowing warehouse managers to track every product from manufacturer to warehouse to retailer.
The end-to-end visibility and unmatched inventory accuracy offered by irms|WM provides U.S. Toy with the potential to achieve the utmost in shipping efficiency and accuracy. Upp Technology’s trained support specialists ensure that U.S. Toy’s inventory management solution is not only ready to handle day to day movement of product, but prepared with a solution that can be configured and modified to meet any demand.

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