Healthcare Payer Briefing
Healthcare Payer Briefing: Compliance Mapping & Audits

With security threats and audits increasing at rapid rates, healthcare payers cannot afford to leave security initiatives out of the budget. Register today to join our 15 minute security briefing for healthcare payers.

Our Signature Security Compliance Procedures will help you:

  • Significantly Reduce Costs
  • Protect Your Company Brand
  • Protect Your Professional Reputation

During the Healthcare Payer Briefing: Compliance & Mapping Audits, we will cover the following topics:

  • Gap Analysis
  • NIST Mapping
  • Risk Analysis
  • Streamline Compliance
  • Documentation Analysis
  • De-identification of PHI
  • Enterprise Service Business/Service Oriented Architecture
  • Enterprise Web Security
  • $2.4 Million Average Resource Savings

Case Study
Major Healthcare Payer Realizes $8M in Savings with the Help of Upp Technology

Upp Technology's skill in aligning business and IT goals together with infrastructure, data management, and TriZetto Facets healthcare enterprise systems expertise is helping this healthcare payer reduce costs with a stable infrastructure, optimally configured for TriZetto Facets development, testing, and delivery.

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