The Definitive Guide for Maximizing Billing and Revenue 

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In the highly complex world of medical claims insurance billing, you need an easy-to-understand guide with step-by-step instructions of how to create a successful billing program. That's why we developed our new SMART Health Claims Revenue Cycle Management Playbook for local health departments and community health centers.

This definitive guide provides an easy-to-understand game plan for creating and maintaining additional streams of revenue from public and private insurance reimbursements. You'll discover how to easily generate significant annual funding by taking advantage of new opportunities in the Affordable Care Act.


This Playbook will Instruct You How To:

• Develop a comprehensive approach to creating or improving your billing program

• Overcome common challenges and barriers faced by local health agencies

• Identify the essential components to a successful billing program

• Use best practices to manage the phases of development 

• Test, optimize the success of your billing program



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