Make integration fast, easy, and affordable. Achieve instant value from all your data, increase IT productivity, and lower operations costs.

Using an open source platform powered by Talend, the global integration software leader, irms|Integration® provides a robust and flexible Big Data integration toolset for a standards-based, transportable, visual mapping, and validation approach, making integration fast, easy, and affordable.

Talend enables convergence of traditionally disparate integration efforts and practices through a common set of proven APIs, products, tools, and best practices, including graphical tooling, repository, deployment, execution, and monitoring. Leveraging Talend’s data integration products allows us to provide an extensible and high-performance set of tools to access, transform, and integrate data from any business system to meet both operational and analytical data integration needs. With 450+ native connectors for large databases, SaaS/Cloud apps, Web Services, Data Warehouses, Data Marts, and mainframes, irms|Integration allows rapid modeling, configuration, testing, and deployment.


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