Upp Technology has been providing 24x7 support and upgrade services to Dart Logistics since 1995, when the company first came online with irms|WM® Warehouse Management in its Naperville, Illinois location, a warehouse so big it’s said to have its own horizon. When Dart Logistics needed to bring a long time client and major player in retail into the e-commerce marketplace, they called upon Upp Technology enterprise integration services to convert the existing integration paradigm to utilize SonicESB middleware.
To accommodate the new requirements, Upp Technology upgraded the existing irms|WM implementation at Dart Logistics to integrate SonicESB middleware. The new toolset enables enterprise-wide integration with Dart Logistics’ retail powerhouse client and their business partners to create an event-driven, server-oriented architecture that is centrally managed, globally deployable, fundamentally secure, and inherently flexible.
While all of the newly upgraded back end processing is invisible to the buying public and seamless to irms|WM users in the 1,000,000 square foot warehouse, the impact on Dart Logistics and their Fortune 100 retail customer is undeniable: Getting the right product, to the right place, on time, every time, and providing verifiable assurance to busy shoppers that their merchandise is on the way.



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