Boost revenues by up to 70% through smarter and more efficient billing practices. 

This eBook will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the billing process and provide best practices for maximizing revenue in your organization.

In this eBook, You'll Learn: 
  • What is revenue cycle management?

  • ​How the claims process works

  • The 5 areas of revenue cycle management operations

  • The 3 most important words in billing

  • What is insurance contracting and credentialing

  • Why eligibility is essential

  • Why claims are denied

  • What to do about rejected claims

  • What you need to know about vaccine billing

  • How to developing your billing program with a partner

  • The 5 habits of successful billers

  • The 5 biggest revenue cycle management myths

  • 5 ways to optimize your billing program in just 5 minutes

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Smarter, efficient billing practices provide sustainable funding for local health agencies, boosting revenues by up to 70% 

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